Ballet II. Technique
Michele Cox
P2P Dance Center, Camden: A (location map)
Monday, 3:40 PM - 4:45 PM
Start Date: 12/10/2018
Duration: 12 weeks
End Date: 11/23/20

Ballet II Dancers: In this level, dancers train at least two days per week. Ballet barre is extended to forty minutes and includes the complete range of exercises such as plies, tendus, jetes, rond de jambes, fondus, frappes, developpes and grand battements.  
Dance combinations in the center floor are increased in length and difficulty and dancers begin work on double pirouettes and double pique turns. Petite allegro (small jumps) may be executed to a faster tempo and grand allegro  (large jumps) now includes tour jetes with three and four types of jumps in each combination.

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