Ballet IIA / III / IV Technique
Michele Cox
P2P Dance Center, Camden: A (location map)
Monday, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Start Date: 12/10/2018
Duration: 12 weeks
End Date: 11/23/20

Ballet III and IV: In this level, dancers train three to four days per week. Dancers practice a forty five minute barre at the beginning of each technique class. 
Center floor usually begins with an adagio (slow moving combination of movements). Adagio includes balances on flat foot and on demi point, high developpes and slow moving pirouettes. Petite allegro (small jump) combinations increase in length, speed and technical difficulty, while dancers strive for multiple turns during all pirouette and pique turn combinations. Grand allegro (large jump) exercises also increase in length, speed and difficulty.

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